Raeburn Swan
Age 25
Gender Male
Family Almira Tynun-Swan (spouse)
Weapon Swords, knives
Alive Unknown
Deceased Unknown

“Man up and listen to me, damnit. I don't care if we die tomorrow. All that will matter when we knock down death's door is what we did with our lives. I don't know about you, but I want to live a short life saving the innocent rather than a long one cowering in fear.”

—Raeburn speaking with Almira.

Raeburn Swan is a sword-wielder, the husband of Almira Tynun-Swan, and one of the main protagonists in the Vivamus Sect series. He is the leader of The Vindelib.

History Edit

Pre-Vivamus Sect Edit

Swan was born to Cordelia and Dakota Swan, a young Vivamus-worshipping couple. To his parents' dismay, Swan did not agree with his parent's beliefs. He worked for years to afford tuition for a Nivraeistic boarding school. He met Almira Tynun there, and they immediately became friends. The two often hung out, studying and playing games. Once the two graduated, Swan and Tynun began to date. After five months, Swan proposed to her, whisking her off of her feet soon after and crying like a baby in sheer joy. Soon after they got married, the two found out that Tynun-Swan was infertile, causing quite the despair in both of them.

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