Cornell Marrowmar
Age 21
Gender Female
Family Guntarr Marrowmar (father), Marni McAnster (mother)
Weapon Bow and Arrow
Alive Unknown
Deceased Unknown

“Name's Cornell Marrowmar. Archer extraordinaire, as I assume you can see. Hey, you're pretty damn lucky. Had I not shown up, you'd be Ironis meal.”

—Cornell introducing herself to Raeburn.

Cornell Marrowmar is an archer and one of the main protagonists of the Vivamus Sect series. She is a member of The Vindelib.

History Edit

Pre-Vivamus Sect Edit

Marrowmar was born to Guntarr Marrowmar and Marni McAnster. At the age of three, her father managed to overthrow Kellinn Gengurch, the current king of Asnar. He did it alone, which surprised most citizens. Nevertheless, the Marrowmar family rose to power, with Guntarr becoming a dictator. As such, much of Marrowmar's past was filled with the viewing of propaganda. When he was not busy with his dictator duties, Guntarr would occasionally teach Marrowmar archery, giving her his bow to practice. She grew up like this, watching propaganda and practicing archery, until the she was sixteen. An assassin hired by the family of Kellinn attacked Guntarr and his family in the middle of the night one fateful day, mercilessly slaughtering her parents. They left Marrowmar alone, as living without parents was 'the ultimate punishment'. She began to live on her own, using money from the Asnarn government to pay for food and other items. One year after her parents' assassination, Marrowmar unknowingly met the child of their killer, Faust Valcoron. The two became best friends, practicing battle together and helping each other out with living arrangements.

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