Children of Nivrae (gendered Son/Daughter of Nivrae) is the term used to describe citizens of Asnar capable of using temporal magic, such as the ability to alter past events or stop the flow of time itself. Temporal magic is not genetic, and as such, there is no way to ensure a child will be a Son or Daughter of Nivrae.

Child of Nivrae's Magic Edit

The temporal magic of a Child of Nivrae varies greatly depending on the person. They all range in power and intelligence. The strongest type of Child has no need to use a Grimoire when controlling time. It is also possible for them to view alternate timelines, accessing them if necessary. A weaker Child may need a Grimoire, only able to halt time for all of a few minutes. These can be crucial, whether they are used for personal gain or to save another life.

Notable Children of Nivrae Edit

  • Faust Volcoron - A weaker Son of Nivrae, one who wields a Grimoire.

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