Almira Tynun-Swan
Age 25
Gender Female
Family Raeburn Swan (spouse), werewolf (mother)
Weapon Moonstone (Lycanthrope)
Alive Unknown
Deceased Unknown

“Raeburn! Listen to me, Nivrae damn you! You're being reckless. If Cornell and Faust hadn't been there, you....I would've lost the love of my life. Can you even begin to understand how terrifying that is? Imagine if we had swapped positions! R..Raeburn, you just don't understand. I love you so much. Without you, I'm lost. I...I...”

—Almira speaking to Raeburn.

Almira Tynun-Swan is a lycanthrope, the wife of Raeburn Swan, and one of the main protagonists of the Vivamus Sect series. She is a member of The Vindelib.

History Edit

Pre-Vivamus Sect Edit

Born Almira Rissa Tynun to a human father and a werewolf mother, Tynun-Swan had quite a wonderful childhood. She attended a Nivraeistic boarding school for most of her education, where she first met Raeburn Swan. The two hit it off almost immediately, inviting each other over for study sessions and various last-minute theology final textbook crams. One night, shortly after she and Swan graduated the academy, Tynun was shocked to find her mother waiting in her dorm. She was informed of her lycanthrope lineage, but embraced it. Tynun found being special to be 'exciting'. She kept her secret from Swan, disappearing every full moon on the pretense of a family issue. Tynun and Swan began to grow even closer, and they began to be interested in each other romantically. The couple started dating, and would soon marry after five months of this. One month after their wedding, the two learned that Tynun-Swan was infertile and could never bear children.

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